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Interested in pursuing a Career as a Professional Employee abroad?

Before you embark on your career as a professional employee overseas, understand the following aspects:

  1. Cultural differences: Dealing with cultural differences in the recruitment process can be challenging. Understanding local customs, norms, and cultural values is essential to perform tasks effectively.
  2. Language and communication: the commonly used language in the workplace will support your communication tremendously with candidates and relevant parties.
  3. Laws and regulations: Each country has different labor regulations. Understanding local labor laws and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations is an important responsibility for a recruiter.
  4. Local job market knowledge: Understanding the local job market, industry trends, and the needs of companies abroad is key to matching the right candidates with the company’s requirements.
  5. Professional network: Building a strong professional network in the country may take time. Developing good relationships with potential candidates, colleagues, and the local community will help enhance recruitment success.
  6. Time and distance differences: Operating overseas often requires effective coordination with teams and candidates in different time zones. Managing time and distance differences can be a challenge, but proper management can minimize the impact.
  7. Cultural and work environment adaptation: Adapting to a new work environment, including social norms and business ethics, is important. Flexibility, willingness to learn, and respecting local customs will accelerate the adaptation process.


Are you interested in exploring opportunities for a career abroad?

This is a great opportunity for you. Kelas HR is collaborating with an HR professional from France who will provide you with the skill “Your Path to Succeed abroad.”

You will be guided by an experienced facilitator in the field!

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You can join the program :


Amelia Elvina Dewi, M.Psi., PSIKOLOG

– Certified Professional Performance Coaching, by Asia Coach
– HR Practitioners with more than 10 years experience in Various Industry

Aïssa Mechiche

– Project Manager & Operational manager Outsoursing Services
20 years of HR experience in recruiting and outsourcing services Airports & Railways (France & Swiss)

Event Schedule

Saturday, July 15th, 2023

11:00 AM (Paris, France)
04:00 PM (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Normal Price

“FREE Registration To This Event”

(for the first 100 applicants!!)

⛔Please fill out the form correctly! ⛔
Fill in your full name, not your nickname, and write your active WhatsApp number. The Zoom link will be shared on WhatsApp 2 days before the event.

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